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Singapore Foreign Loan

For an individual, it is much easier and convenient to access financial services at home. However, due to various reasons, people are forced to migrate and reside in other countries. If you ask anyone who has stayed in a foreign country, they will tell you accessing credit facilities in a foreign country are an uphill task. However, despite the fact that there are a lot of complications accessing credit when you’re a non-citizen, it is still possible to find a foreign loan. In the recent past, the demand for foreign loan products especially from private lenders has gone up because many foreigners sometimes have financial emergencies and require someone to help them out.

Natives obviously find it easier to access credit facilities than foreigners because most countries have tough financial laws that put a lot of restrictions on foreign borrowers. A lot of lenders find it difficult to deal with foreigners because monitoring loan repayments is not an easy task. Furthermore, in most cases, accessing a foreign loan requires security, which many non-citizens are unable to provide. Issues to deal with availing security for a loan in a foreign land can be tricky because most borrowers have no assets that can act as security. Because of this, traditional lenders find it difficult to approve a foreign loan because they know it is challenging to issue to a loan based on securities that are not located within the country’s borders.

Administering a foreign loan is a complicated affair because most policy makers have no clear provisions how to deal with non-citizen loan defaulters. Because of this, foreigners find it a nightmare to apply for a foreign loan since there is no sufficient evidence that loan repayments will be honoured. Despite these challenges, it is possible for foreigners to access credit facilities, but they must have someone else to co-sign for them as a guarantor. Usually, the guarantor must be a native who is willing to commit their assets as part of the security for the loan. The paperwork for this process is long and winding because the lenders must carry out all the required procedures to determine whether it is safe to issue a loan to a foreigner.

How to Increase Chances of Getting a Singapore Foreign Loan

The main aspect about acquiring a Singapore foreign loan is to cultivate a high sense of trust. It is important for a lender to be convinced that they are safe lending money to a foreigner. The good news is that we are a licensed moneylending company that offers foreign loan products in a faster, easier and more convenient manner. The requirements for accessing our credit are flexible and make it easier for borrowers to access credit. Some of the requirements we need to access loans are; prove of current income, credit history records and other important financial and personal background related information. We ensure that loans are processed in a fast and timely manner. Borrowers can also build their lender’s trust by making a down payment for the loan to show commitment to adhere to all the loan guidelines.

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We are always here to make life simpler for you

We are always here to make life simpler for you (65) 6220-2937

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