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Financing Tips: Small Business Start-up Cost Effectiveness

There were numerous urban mythologies for opening a small business in the Internet fizz days of the early 90’s. Back then, tycoons could apparently write a business strategy on a bib and angel stakeholders would give them quite a huge sum of money to launch that business idea. As an angel stakeholder in the early 2000’s, these businesspersons always state that all they require is a million dollar to get the ball rolling! Some startup business do resort to the help of Singapore moneylender for help.

financing tips
small business financing tips


After a decade later, businesspersons now boast about how little cash it took to start their small business. Eric Ries, the author of ‘The Lean StartUp’ lay a new generation of smart entrepreneurs who are now doing this business for a smaller amount. Business stinginess has turn out to be the new black. A survey specified that the typical small business owner began their firm with $10,000. This sum can be far less in the event the entrepreneur is opening a services-based firm. Experience confirms that truly having abundant money in the launch of a business can be extravagant. It can lead to indolent and eventually stupid business judgments.

Starting a small business does not require you to spend a lot of money. First, dig into your own pockets and bootstrap your way.  Second, try families and friends.  For the shortfall, try a bank loan or a personal loan from licensed moneylender.  Don’t go for the big bang and spend millions if you are a first timer or acting alone without partnerships and external investors to work with you.

Here are three financing tips to start a small business for a smaller amount:

To start, spend less on a logo and  more on quality website and search engine optimisation for your company.  Logic: Logo does not brings you business immediately; your website if found to be useful to user, can bring you business.

Make use of free or low-priced software for your business. For instance, you can use a free product known as HIGHRISE for your customer-relationship administrative system. You can also use Google Drive for collaboration of your office documents.

You can work virtually, engage freelancers/flexible working arrangements or outsource non-core services to aid your in your work and also cut cost. Do not acquire expensive office space unless you are in the business in need of a retail presence.

Most importantly, You can do this “the old fashion way” by looking for customers to buy your products instantly! There is no better funding than cashflow and revenues generated directly from sales that continue to support your business needs!

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We are always here to make life simpler for you

We are always here to make life simpler for you (65) 6220-2937

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